La misión de Nutrifoods es la de comprender las necesidades de nuestros clientes y proporcionarles la máxima ayuda para el éxito en el desarrollo de sus productos.


Our commitment to quality and service is integrated into all aspects of Nutrifoods. We are certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and ISO 22000* (GMP Food codex), which guarantees to our customers the highest standards when it comes to service, safety and confidence in our products. Our suppliers are regularly evaluated to ensure they meet the standards.

We have our own laboratory. Each batch of product supplied is accompanied with a Certificate of analysis, which gives a rigorous information about its quality, purity and concentration.

With a warehouse capacity to store more than 1,000 pallets we guarantee a safe and controlled storage of our products.

Our team is continuously on the search for means to improve our product range and to meet our custormers requirements.

*DATE: 2023/03/10

Technical and commercial advice

Thanks to our experience, we can provide technical and legal advice to our customers in the proposal of new formulations for food supplements and nutraceuticals.

One of our main strengths is the constant search for new functional ingredients that act as food supplements or nutraceuticals, backed by clinical studies to ensure their effectiveness. We can help you find new products or develop the best solutions you may need.

Our team of technicians are permanently searching for the best sources to offer the products required by our customers at reasonable prices and in the shortest time.

We aim to deliver reliable and innovative solutions to our customers’ needs providing an extensive range of products rigorously selected.

Quality Policy and Food Safety

Nutrifoods is a company dedicated to the distribution of raw materials for the dietary sectors, food supplements, food, cosmetics and veterinary with more than 30 years in the market.

NUTRIFOODS, S.L.U. Its purpose is that the quality and food safety of the products and services offered are a true reflection of the expectations and demands of each client, thus ensuring the short and long term success of the company to maintain and manage a quality and safety system of food based on the UNE EN 9001: 2015 and UNE EN 22000: 2018 Standards.

For everything it frames its objectives in:

  • Agile, dynamic and efficient service for maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Preserve the quality of our products and food safety in the best conditions of conservation.

  • Demanding all our suppliers quality raw materials, additional requirements and food safety. Adaptation of the product ranges to the demands of the clients, their needs and expectations, controlling the traceability of our product at all times.

  • Encourage adequate training, awareness and awareness of all levels of the organization, being aware of the results of our work and personal behavior to maintain the quality and food safety of the products.

  • Ensure proper hygiene and quality in the storage, handling and dispatch of our products through the implementation of a proper HACCP self-monitoring system based on the principles of the Food Codex. Through planned actions and prevention and control systems.

The application of this policy requires the active integration of the entire human team of the Company

NUTRIFOODS, S.L.U. keeps the client informed about all the news, technical reports, offers and catalogs, either through the work of the commercial or through regular, electronic mail, our website and social networks. Always staying open to new forms of effective communications with the client.

NUTRIFOODS, S.L.U. it guarantees an adequate maintenance of its equipment and infrastructures and the continuous training of its personnel to offer a product in constant evolution.

The management of NUTRIFOODS, S.L.U. is committed to continuous improvement to meet and meet customer requirements, identify and comply with applicable legal requirements, the regulations and any other requirement that may be applicable or subscribed by the organization related to food safety.

2023/03/27 (MARCH 2023)


Nutrifoods aware of the importance of the raw materials that we supply to all our customers, we inform you that we work with the first line Transport Agencies: INTEGRA2, GLS and DHL.

That is why our carriers, in addition to having ISO 9001:2015, assure us the integrity of the product throughout the transport and distribution chain, offering a safe, fast and air-conditioned transport. They have temperature control below 25º degrees in:

  • The collection
  • The origin warehouse
  • The long route
  • And in the destination warehouse

All processes with alarm and communication of temperature level break.

We give the same service both in Spain and in Europe and in the other countries outside the European Community.

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